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4 Photograuvre overprint. UHM single with 4c in lower left corner and bars in top right corner. CP P30a(U), CP 957.
1980 Anniversary of 1st NZ stamps. Set of three in UHM strip with the black omitted.
With normal strip.
SG 1210ab.
KGV 1d Field Marshall. UHM block of 12 with double perfs, vertically and horizontally. CP K15c(Z), SG 468ex. Cat. Value $2,500. SPECTACULAR.
AUCKLAND QUAY STREET (10 Aug 1908) cancel on 1d Boer War.
1d Universal ('Dot' plate). Coil strip of three ("Dickie" machine). UHM/LHM with roulette 9 and large holes each side and between. Scarce with both roulettes. A superb example. CP GS1a, SG 361(i).
1979 14 QEII Provisional. UHM block of four with inverted overprint. With normal (has very heavy overprint - double O/P??). CP PA31a(X). SG 1202b. Catalogue value $4,000.
1960 Definitives. 9d . UHM pair, one with the red missing over much of the stamp. CP O11a(Z), SG 790a.
KGV 1d Field Marshall. Cowan perf 14. Slot vending machine coil join pair with double gum. LHM. CP K15a(S). Very scarce with the sheet join.
Falkland Islands. 1966 2/- QEII Kelp Geese, De la Rue printing. UHM. SG 204a, Heijtz 134b. SCARCE. Catalogue value 700.
KGVI. 2d plate proof block of four. UHM. Watermarked (vertical mesh). SG 680.
Antarctic. 1907/09 Shackleton Expedition postcard. Wharton GA-6. Unused.
2009 International Polar Year (Antarctic) mini-sheet overprinted (in silver) for the 2011 Centenary Stamp Exhibition ('CPS100'). UHM. SCARCE.
Stereoscopic Cards and Post Cards. Eagle & Main. 2002. 39 pages. Listing (with some photos) of 750+ 'New Zealand Graphic Series' cards.
'New Zealand Antarctic Postal History to 1941'. Robert Duns. 110 pages with many photos. Covers mainly Scott and Shackleton. With Shirase,Davis, Carnegie, Byrd and Mawson to a lesser extent. Out of print and very scarce.
'A Postal History of The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58' (Mark Jurisich, FRPSNZ). 57 pages in full colour.
"The Great Exhibition Christchurch
1.11.1906 to 15.4.1907"
by Alexander de Kort. 96 pages about the stamps, postcards, postmarks, medals & souvenirs plus the exhibition planning etc.
'NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 2 - Lettercards' 2001. Robert Samuel.
'NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 1 - Postcards' 1988. Robert Samuel. Covers 1876-1980.
'A Postal History of Campbell Island' 1907-2001. Mark Jurisich.

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