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Paul Wales and Elaine Bruce of Classic Stamps Ltd
welcome you to their website.
We hope you will find something of interest for your collection.
The items on offer are being constantly added to.
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Stamps listed are generally shown in Stanley Gibbons catalogue number order.
Clicking on individual items may bring up a fuller description.
Some scans may not show the true colour. This is due to having used various different scanners (some replaced scanners have different settings).

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KGV 6d Official. Used (29 June 1921) block of eight in four TWO-PERF PAIRS. Light crease across two pair. Must be a very scarce used block. CP KO8c, SG O102c.
Fancy format 'S' for Southland on 3d perf 12 FFQ. SG 118.
AUCKLAND QUAY STREET (10 Aug 1908) cancel on 1d Boer War.
1d Universal ('Dot' plate). Coil strip of three ("Dickie" machine). UHM/LHM with roulette 9 and large holes each side and between. Scarce with both roulettes. A superb example. CP GS1a, SG 361(i).
Health. 1959 set of two mini-sheets on A5 'Jason' blue FDCs. Jones H58.1B(2). SCARCE. Cat value $100.
KGV 1d Field Marshall. Cowan perf 14. Slot vending machine coil join pair with double gum. LHM. CP K15a(S). Very scarce with the sheet join.
1979 14 QEII Provisional. LHM single with inverted overprint. With normal. Two perf tones. CP PA31a(X). SG 1202b. Catalogue value $1,000.
Austalian Antarctic AAT. Set of three covers (click to all), each with a different coin. Antarctic Festival O/P (cancelled due to the virus). Only 100 sets produced. Plus replica card. All with matching numbers. SCARCE.
1967 Life Insurance. 3 on 4d. UHM single with sideways inverted watermark. Minor gum tone spot. CP X24a(Z), SG L53w.
Catalogue value $4,000.
1979 4 Rose Provisional. UHM with badly printed overprint.
Only part appears.
1969 Timaru Cycle Post (cinderella). 15 proof. Gold on red card. Very scarce.
KGVI 1/- Upright wmk. (Die II). UHM block of four having a piece of paper that has delaminated before printing and was printed over a little further up two stamps.
1898 Pictorials. 5/-. London print. Fine used (Riverton, 30 NO ??). Well centred. A Premium copy. CP E21a, SG 259. Scarce in this superb condition. Catalogue value $1,750 +GST.
FFQ Chalon. 6d blue perf 12. Used manuscript cancel).
5/- Arms Official (vertical overprint). Fine used (Wellington, 22 March 1938) block of four.
Only the second used block of four we have handled.
CP ZO33a, SG O113.
1987 50th Anniversary of RNZAF. 70 in block of six.
Grossly misplaced perfs.
CP S358a(Z).

Great Britain. 1883 10/- QV pale ultramarine (large anchor wmk.). Fine used (2 Jan 1889). Well centred. SG 183a.
KGVI. 2d plate proof block of four. UHM. Watermarked (vertical mesh). SG 680.
Great Britain. 1d Black (CK). Plate 3. Used (red MC) on small piece (tied with cancel). Four good margins. SG 2.
Stereoscopic Cards and Post Cards. Eagle & Main. 2002. 39 pages. Listing (with some photos) of 750+ 'New Zealand Graphic Series' cards.
'New Zealand Antarctic Postal History to 1941'. Robert Duns. 110 pages with many photos. Covers mainly Scott and Shackleton. With Shirase,Davis, Carnegie, Byrd and Mawson to a lesser extent. Out of print and very scarce.
1996 New Zealand 'Military Post History Postal Auction' catalogue. Illustrated with values. Great reference.
'A Postal History of The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58' (Mark Jurisich, FRPSNZ). 57 pages in full colour.
"The Great Exhibition Christchurch
1.11.1906 to 15.4.1907"
by Alexander de Kort. 96 pages about the stamps, postcards, postmarks, medals & souvenirs plus the exhibition planning etc.
'NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 2 - Lettercards' 2001. Robert Samuel.
'NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 1 - Postcards' 1988. Robert Samuel. Covers 1876-1980.
'A Postal History of Ross Dependency, 1955-77'.
Mark Jurisich.
187 pages. 400+ photos.
'A Postal History of Campbell Island' 1907-2001. Mark Jurisich.
'Postmarks of Argentine Antarctic Bases'. 2001.
Mark Jurisich/Kevin Brown.
27 pages.

Classic Stamps Ltd.



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