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Paul Wales and Elaine Bruce of Classic Stamps Ltd
welcome you to their website.
We hope you will find something of interest for your collection.
The items on offer are being constantly added to and the more recent ones can be seen by
clicking on the links in blue text in the column on the right of this page.
The stamps listed are generally shown in Stanley Gibbons catalogue number order.
Clicking on individual items may bring up a fuller description.
Some scans may not show the true colour. This is due to having used various different scanners
(some having been replaced with newer ones with different settings).

We are currently preparing material for this next auction.

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KGV Recess. 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 4d and 7d in imperf plate proof singles overprinted 'COLOUR PRINT'. Shades are different to issued colours. Very scarce. On watermarked paper.
5/- Arms Official (vertical overprint). Fine used (Wellington, 22 March 1938) block of four.
Only the second used block of four we have handled.
CP ZO33a, SG O113.
KGVI. 1d scarlet. UHM single. Overprinted 'Muestra' (Specimen) by a member country of the UPU.
1902 Pictorials. 6d red large, perf 11, with the 'Abnormal [upright] watermark'. Fiscally used (as all we have seen are). The watermark is plainly visible. CP E14f, SG 312ab. Catalogue value for postally used $6,000 +GST. RARE.
1883 Beer Duty. 52 Gallons. 13/-. Kiwi R38B. Unused. Damage.
FFQ Chalon. 6d red-brown. 'NZ' wmk. Superb very fine used (face clear) part Otahuhu (Maori Wars cancel). 3 margins. Strong colour.
SG 99.
Catalogue value $2,500.

1d KEVII Land. UHM block of four (shows the displacement that results from the two stages of overprinting).
Two certificates.

A premium block. Faint tone on one. Usual centring.
CP RD1a, SG A1.
Catalogue value $6,600.

Falkland Islands.
1948 Silver Wedding.
UHM corner blocks of four. SG 166.
Great Britain. 1d Black (CK). Plate 3. Used (red MC) on small piece (tied with cancel). Four good margins. SG 2.

2004 $9.00 Landscapes (Rangitoto Island) Booklet. 2 Kiwis. Printed on the backing paper (no self-adhesive on the stamps). CP W99a(W), SG SB123. Catalogue value $1,400.

Australia. $1 Navigator, perf 15 x 14. UHM block of four. SG 401c.
Australia Postal Stationery. 5d on 4d KGV registered cover (rectangular design). Unused. ACSC RE23
FFQ Chalon. 6d blue perf 12. Used manuscript cancel).
Chatham Islands bank notes. Set of the five 2001 ($3, $5, $8, $10 and $15). All in superb condition.
2009 International Polar Year (Antarctic) mini-sheet overprinted (in silver) for the 2011 Centenary Stamp Exhibition ('CPS100'). UHM. SCARCE.
POW Aerogramme/postcard. 1944. Unused. Samuel GB.1a.
N.Z. Routes and Rates to 1874'. Volumes 1-5 by Gerald Ellott. 300+ pages plus full index.
"The Great Exhibition Christchurch
1.11.1906 to 15.4.1907"
by Alexander de Kort. 96 pages about the stamps, postcards, postmarks, medals & souvenirs plus the exhibition planning etc.
'NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 1 - Postcards' 1988. Robert Samuel. Covers 1876-1980.
'A Postal History of Ross Dependency, 1955-77'.
Mark Jurisich.
187 pages. 400+ photos.
'South Africa's Sub-Antarctic & Antarctic Weather Stations. 1947-1990'. Mark Jurisich.
'Postmarks of Argentine Antarctic Bases'. 2001.
Mark Jurisich/Kevin Brown.
27 pages.

Classic Stamps Ltd.