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Auction 83

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Closing June15 at 9:00am (New Zealand time).


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Please note the reserves are,
for this auction, 70% of the estimate.
This auction has a 12.5% buyer's premium on all lots
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Featured Items from the current auction
KGV Recess. 4d deep purple. Perf 14 x 13. UHM (shade (2) LHM) singles in the four listed shades CP K5h(1 - 4).
KGV Recess. 1/- perf 14 x 13. Mint set of the three singles in the listed sahdes. CP K12a, SG 430.
KGVI. d chestnut Official. UHM imprint block of eight. CP MO1b, SG O135.
1935 9d. Perf 14 x 15. Sideways watermark. UHM/LHM singles of the first four listed shades plus corner block of four with bar in both selvedges. CP L11b, SG 587.
KGV 3/- Admiral. Cowan paper in pale mauve. UHM. Centred slightly to the base. CP K21b, SG 470.
1935 1d (multi wmk.). LHM both plate blocks of four. CP L3d, SG 579.
KGV surface print. 1d brown (de la Rue). Mint block of four with the lower left stamp having been patched in. CP K17b, SG 438.
KGVI. 9d. Set of the four plate blocks (CP M12a has a light hinge). CP M12a/b, SG 685.
1935 2/-. Perf 13 x 14. Mint. 'Coconuts' flaw. Top right centred. Mark on gum. CP L13d(W), SG 589c.
1935 9d perf 14 x 14 with inverted multiple wmk. LHM. Lower left centred with small red colour shift. CP L11c(Z), SG 587bw. Scarce.